Paper Knight official site

Paper Knight is a rhythm game about Love, Likes and Knights of Social Media

Catch LIKES of Princess, punishing BOSSES in knightly duels;

Be a FASHION, do selfie in fashionable looks directly from the SMITHY;

Complete the CAMPAIGN to success and gather thousands of FOLLOWERS in the court!


The protagonist

The protagonist — a shepherd Bucky Bucketson — the victim of a failed Ice Bucket Challenge. Since he dropped a bucket on his head, he ekes out a miserable existence as an Anonymous. Only his grandma posts on his wall, occasionally. His best friend is a sheep with brass balls.

Challenge accepted!

Days and nights he spends time refreshing the page. Until one day, he sees the Princess’s post: joust tournament winner will take the grandest prize of them all: the selfie with the princess. And that means hundreds and thousands of likes and new subscribers!


Paper Knight’s adventures will not leave you untouched! The dynamic and tough fights, surprising rivals, interesting plot, and colorful interface are what every gamer deserves. Game was so popular that even boosting sevices was involved, helping peoples to get to content that they want.